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-two drabble prompts

lyokowarrioryumiishiyama inquired: //IM STILL HERE! I've just been a busy little shit and Yumi's really being a little shit and I've just been uber stressed and all that. But I'm still around u pwomise!

/Yeah, yeah. I know. Crazy adult things like working three thousand jobs probably don’t leave you with a bunch of time to write. But…

we miss you over here


The Job




i was listening to the song The Run and Go by twenty one pilots, and it made me realize a lot about my friends, and my depression. I’m not an open person about it; my friends know about it, but they don’t know how to deal with it, and me sometimes. and that’s okay. my depression is my depression, and i appreciate all the support i’ve ever gotten, though it’s just hard for me to express but if, and when i do, all i need is your company.  so this is a thank you to those who decided to stay. 

ruffcream inquired: I'm still in the fandom! Though I haven't post much lately cause I don't have enough time. Not sure if you even know me tho :0

/Course I do. ;) I know all. Clearly. Ahem yes. Don’t question that. It’s better for everyone that you don’t. 

But ye, that seems to be the problem right now. We’re all busy. We’ve all lost muse. We’re all… somewhere else. Hopefully things will pick back up when we get back to school or what have you and feel like procrastinating again.\

teenwarriorsofthevirtualworld inquired: (The fandom has gone because everyone abandoned ship, and nearly all the RPers are gone too. It really is too bad, but whatever. I don't care that I'm practically the only active Odd/Aelita RPer these days :P )

/Huh, guess they don’t realize how small we are. We need all hands to keep this thing afloat. Sad, really. I mean, I get it. It’s hard to stay motivated due to lack of new content. It doesn’t bother me to have few numbers, but I miss the community, the people I’ve grown close to, the muses that mine has fought with. We’re a miserable little troupe. We’ve been through lots so it’s heartbreaking to me to lose everyone. There are bonds that I’m seeing fade. The whole thing fizzled out so quickly. Come back to me guys. Remember what brought you here.\

how did we    l o s e    this ?

                        where, oh where

                           has this

                            [ f a n d o m ]

                            gone ?