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Cameron Drake of San Francisco has created a collection of magnificent images showing joints in motion. He was aided by orthopedic physician Dr. Noah Weiss and the finished product is completely amazing. If you’d like to know more about the project, please check out Drake’s blog.

"The film centers around Dominik Santorski, a sensitive and lost teenager, who is the son of wealthy, success driven parents. After a series of dares and humiliating events, classmates accuse him of homosexuality and mock him on social networking sites. Dominik, humiliated, refuses to go to school and stops preparing for final exams. These problems overlap with his parents, who are often absent from home. Falling into a deep depression, Dominik secludes himself in his room. During this time, he meets a suicidal girl on the internet, and they make an emotional and intellectual bond. Over time, Dominik loses contact with the real world becoming more engrossed in a virtual world."

And yet this movie is my safe place…

Closing Time || linecrossed



"It wasn’t one of the things I was paying attention to at the time, no. It’s a skill you should know Yumes. One day I’ll teach you. And how to hotwire." A half-hearted smirk formed on his lips. "Just in case."

As she spoke, the smirk vanished. Scared? That’s the opposite of what he wanted. So very opposite. To say that he was crushed was an understatement. But he wouldn’t let it show. “That’s okay Yumes. Just means no more surprises at work.” Which was probably a good thing, seeing how the meeting with her co worker turned friend had went. A soft sigh escaped his lips as his gaze crossed over the machine one final time that evening. “Ah, it doesn’t matter. Let’s go inside.”

"I could go for you eventually teaching me how. I think I’ll skip the whole hotwire thing though," she smirked back. "And I would prefer it if you didn’t either."

But the moment his smirk fell, her’s did as well. She had inadvertently hurt him, though she couldn’t say it was really her fault. It was something that couldn’t be helped. It was too open, it went too fast. It was too small. All those reasons by themselves were enough to unnerve her but all together? Nope.

"I’m sorry William," she muttered as she nodded and followed him inside the apartment building. 

"It’s something you need to know Yumes. What if you forget or lose the damn keys? Don’t confine this to that part of our lives. And forget it, okay?  Just forget about it. No one’s making you ride the damn thing. It’s fine.”

He reached back for her hand. A quick kiss on her fingers and he turned his attention to the door. Better to focus on something else. On the sixteen locks that kept them safe. Standing from a squat as the magnets in his hand pulled the final lock apart, he pushed the door in with his foot. “So what are we doing tonight, since riding about the town is off the table?” 

Bitter? No. 

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The bus was surprisingly quick coming home, strangely enough. I seemed that whenever William  was freaking out and wanted her home, the trip to the apartment complex took forever. 

She was inside the building a few moments after that, up the stairs to their apartment. Hesitant, as always, when William begged her to come home. There was no way of knowing what awaited her on the other side. Gently she rapped her knuckles against the door before putting the key inside.

"Hey William," she said gently through the closed door as the latch clicked. "It’s me. I’m coming in."

Fingers brushed this way and that over the dog’s short fur. Too focused. Too precise. It was clear that he was trying to make it look offhand, habitual.

"Maybe." His voice broke slightly. Clearing his throat, he tried again. "Still. It’s not fair. I leave whenever and you… you’re stuck." A second hand reached out for Eden’s head. Rushed. Too heavy. Desperate. He needed the cover. "Normal? That’s good right? Great? That’s what we’re aiming for so…" His voice trailed away as Eden’s paw landed on his knee. Shit. A telltale sign that not all was well in the man’s mind. Way to keep our cover, dog. ”So that’s great Yumes. Really really great! You’re doing really well.”

William pulled Eden onto the couch. Back to playing. Make that paw look like a plea for permission to play. He snarled and snapped at him. Roughhousing. Though Eden didn’t seem to approve of the activity. “Yeah, yeah, I know. But I’m fine. Fine. Stayed away too long. Fine.”  

It was hard not to notice Eden, how he was responding to William. It only confirmed her earlier worries that something was not right. Something was bothering him, though she didn’t need Eden to see that. 

"Yeah, normal’s what we’re going for. So I guess in that sense, normal is good."

A small smile but she knew it wouldn’t mask the worry that was beginning to line her face. Something was always bothering William, that didn’t surprise her, but she always hated it. But whatever this was, it was big. Big enough for her to pry.

Gently she sat down next to him. “William. What’s bothering you? You can tell me anything, you know that right?”

"Yeah, yeah. I know babe. That’s why I fucking love you, you shithead. It’s just—I stayed away too long, y’know?" He sent her a smirk which didn’t quite meet his standards. "It’s your fault anyway. I’ve never been homesick until I met you."

He bowed his head into Eden’s nose and growled. You were on my side dammit! You fucking suck at keeping secrets, dog. "You feed him today?" He asked without making eye contact, still too focused on Eden. Of course he knew the answer. It had been part of the routine that had been established for them before Eden entered their household. He stood and beckoned the dog to follow. He’d treat him. Spoil him like he always did when he got back. A thank you for taking care of Yumi in his absence. One. Two. Three baby carrots. 

With that, he said nothing. Closed the door to the refrigerator and rested against it, arms folded over his chest, as he watched his pet eagerly gobble up the vegetables. The crunching was loud and drew him, temporarily, from his troubles. Hey. Wasn’t that the whole purpose in getting a dog in the first place? 

His bare feet hit the broken linoleum hard as he took the few steps into their bedroom. It wasn’t fair. On anyone in their household. The purpose in him leaving was to come back refreshed and re-energized. Today he just couldn’t deal with the fresh blood on his hands. Half of him wanted to make a prompt exit through the minuscule balcony. That half lost dramatically to the side that wanted nothing more than to crash on the bed and wallow in self pity. It was better to get that out of his system while he could still use the homesick excuse. Not that it seemed to be particularly effective in the first place.

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Credit to the words/image this is based off goes to Clementine von Radics.



His ass was just starting to feel the pin pricks of boredom when the bag was tossed over his head and the IV was painfully ripped out of his arm. He heard the shift of the mechanics in the belly of the plane and the soft whine of the the landing gear grinding into position. At least the interrogation session was over. He hadn’t cared to keep up with the shifts in politics during his stint in Shanghai. Other things had pressed on his mind. Mainly testosterone. 

William’s teeth cut through his cheek when Stewart prodded his chest with an electric baton. He stumbled backwards as the wheels touched down on the asphalt. The flesh rolled on his tongue. The blood teased his senses, though the anger only worked against himself, pulling against the barbs in his wrists rather than the neck of the woman he wanted to strangle. A shiver burned through the base of his spine. Twitching and off balanced he was paraded to the back of the plane. 

Left right, left right. Two inches, two inches. 

A shard had presented itself, Yumi almost giggled in joy, though if she had just thought a little further ahead she would have realized it probably wouldn’t have done her any good. Well, tiny victories. That’s what she would have to go with to keep herself sane.

The loose piece of metal wasn’t sharp. It wasn’t one swift slice that would set her free. Though one good one did manage to slice a bit of the skin around the restraints. Biting her lip, the girl swallowed all the curses she wanted to utter. Well it wasn’t like it was the worst pain she’d felt. 

Finally the piece of metal began to saw into the zip-tie restraint but Yumi wasn’t able to get far before the plane jolted and she was thrown forward, landing face first onto the ground. This time she cursed under her breath.

Were they stopping? Of course they were. Why wouldn’t they? So, should she hobble back over to wherever they had set her or just lay there? Get up? 

Aw hell, they’re already going to unhappy at least if I’m on my feet, I’ll be better able to defend myself.

As quickly as she could, Yumi scrambled to her feet, waiting.

And waiting.

And waiting…

It was one of the few times he was thankful that his room was padded. There was a loud crack from his shoulder as the guards threw his body through the door. He couldn’t find the energy to wince though he felt the joint separate and fall forward. Nothing said welcome home like a dislocated shoulder and therapeutic white walls. Instantly his body tried to curl around the injury, but the restraints wouldn’t allow it. Stuck rigid. With teeth biting into his neck. 

Struggling, he dug his injured shoulder into the padding to sit up. His eyes fell to the rod between his wrists. A new symbol of slavery. The image the world at his feet would grow to know should Stewart succeed. Should? His snickered. Always optimistic. Stewart had the president by the balls and probably was feeling up the UN council. Who was one kid to say otherwise? One neglected bastard who was kicked out of nearly every elementary school in San Francisco Unified School District for one reason or another and now finds himself in the employ of such a woman where he excels at the peculiar art of murder? Yeah, he certainly had a leg to stand on.

Silent takeover. No one would even notice.

And it would be his fault for being a coward.

A look of bemused pride flickered across the woman’s face as the guards dragged her patient away to his chamber. The cool air felt fresh in her lungs. Her ward was back home. She was back home. That freak of a son had been destroyed. Things were right again. Almost. 

Sometimes she wished Dunbar would have had a supportive family. His absolute desperation in romantic relationships made her task difficult. He had to learn. And for a time, she had imagined, he had. This just wasn’t the life for that. Not his. He was an arrow that needed to hit his mark. That little bitch… His new whore. She’d be easy enough to remove, but void would be even deeper than the one previous. That was plain to see. Here existed a different kind of bond. Pity. She did grow bored of playing this hand with him.

"Grab 45’s vitals and stand by for a Standards routine check."



A tremor soured the predatorial glee that had settled on the boy’s face. The last ounce of restraint—the one remaining memory of the fleeting tender moments between them—snapped as the final consonant of the insult passed from her tongue. The air itself broke as a grenade over his body.

He laughed.

"What the fuck is wrong with me? Oh, Yumi.” His voice  oozed with disgust. “You thought I cared. That’s positively quaint. Naive.” 

William slithered off the counter. His hand clasped her wrist and wrenched her arm above her head. His eyes gleamed as he gave her arm a violent twist. 

"It’s a dance we play. Didn’t you notice when you took my hand? The masks I wear run thick. I am violence. Hate. Greed. And I get what I want. I caught you. 

"I lie. I manipulate. I win.” As if to emphasize an already clear point, he sent his knee into the small of her back to push her down. “Don’t get in my way.”

A small shriek escaped as he became someone she didn’t know, not in the slightest. Was it from surprise? Fear? Pain? A combination of the three? Well, Yumi didn’t have a chance to really dwell on that, did she? One moment there was a shooting pain in her arm, the next in her back, and then she found herself on the ground.

Biting her lip hard she did her best not to alert the others in the next room. The last thing that she needed, that they needed, was to see him behaving like this. Like one of them. Or him going after one of them.

Instead she let out a hiss of breath, every emotion swirling in a whirlwind. He didn’t sound like the man from the night before. He was going back on everything. No, what was going on in that screwed up head of his?

Of course she was angry, but more than that she was afraid. Afraid of him, afraid of what was going to happen. She had seen a glimpse of two sides of him, and this was the side she hadn’t wanted to see.

"You do lie," Yumi said through gritted teeth. "You’re lying now. This isn’t….you. This isn’t who you are…” Her eyes squeezed shut, her lips formed a tight line. The girl’s voice came in whispers. Her arm throbbed. “A liar? Is that what you want to be William?”

The snarl only continued to grow. It grew until it mutated his sculpted features into the cruelest kind of hate. Into someone who enjoys seeing pain on the faces of those he loves. Loved. His nails cut into the flesh of her hand. A task that proved to be slightly more difficult than he expected as being on the run dulled the sharpened points. Though this too he found himself enjoying. It was taking more effort than normal. More effort, more fun in the long run.

"What I want has absolutely nothing to do with it dear. It was never about what I wanted. I am a tool or have you forgotten what kind of world you live in. There is nothing here anymore. Nothing worth saving. Not my skin. Certainly not yours. I’m here to usher in a new era. You’re only here to get in my way.” The knee in her back became a boot on her head. His nose twitched, yet he resisted to urge to bring his full weight crushing down to the floor. “See to it that you don’t.”

What he wanted to be. Ha. Perfectly naive. If it didn’t disgust him as much as it did, he could have classified it as quaint. 

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